Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Onlet?

 Now, the cost of building websites and apps is high. Also, the cost of managing, organizing, and developing those two platforms can cost an amount of money that small and online businesses cannot afford. Instead, we highly encourage small and online businesses to spend that amount of money on developing their businesses. Also, there are some challenges for small and online businesses, which are quality of delivery and packaging. Onlet provide best solutions for those challenges with flexible options.

How is the usage of the app in the vendor end?

            Vendors can login to the app and do the following:

What can I expect from Onlet?

            Onlet will provide you a vendor account, and you can add your products and manage them. Also, Onlet allows you to connect with customers by a real-time chat. Also, on the website you will have a vendor profile that shows your information and products. Onlet will help vendors with real-time 1-to-1 support, and video tutorials that Onlet provide to help vendors manage their shops. At start, Onlet will help vendors to enter their data faster. Also, Onlet will promote bestselling products on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Onlte will provide vendors full ability to manage their business via their mobile phones. Also, we monitor the reviews of the customers, and very well rated vendors will receive monthly free promotion by Onlet that includes social media and Onlet app advertising.

How is delivery and packaging services at Onlet?

Onlet provide shipping and packaging services. Vendors and customers are totally free to choose the packages of shipping. Vendors will choose a method of shipment with Onlet at the day of signing the contract with Onlet. In the contract vendors will choose only one of the following.

  1. Delivery by Onlet
  2. Delivery by Vendor

Onlet allows vendors to deliver their orders by themselves as long as they meet the standards of Onlet platform. Vendors must deliver in 24 hours within their cities. Every vendor has 5 time penalty. If an order exceeds 24 hours for 5 times, this vendor will be eliminated from selling on Onlet platform for 15 days.

On the other hand, vendors can give this responsibility to Onlet platform which is a very flexible platform that allows customers to choose their types of shipping. We provide 3 types of shipping.

  1. Store Pickup by customer (0 IQD)
  2. Delivery by vendor
  3. Delivery by Onlet

It is up to Onlet’s customers to choose one of the provided methods of shipping. Vendors can ask for full delivery by themselves, or Onlet will take responsibility for the shipping. The cost of Onlet’s shipping is provided in the table below:

City Price (IQD) Duration Note
Erbil300024 hours* **For shopping in vendor + 3000 IQD for any additional shopping in other vendors
Sulaymanyah50001-2 Days
Duhok50001-2 Days
Kirkuk50001-2 Days
Mousel60002-3 DaysFor shopping in vendor + 2000 for any additional shopping in other vendors
Baghdad80002-3 Days
Baghdad80002-3 Days

Since Onlet is a multi-vendor platform, we allow customers order from different stores at the same time in one order. Onlet drivers need to visit different locations, the shipping cost will be higher than only one shipping delivery. Still, the cost is lower than many shipping companies in KRG.